Know Your Fertility Status Kit


This kit is designed for couples trying to have a baby and includes the fertility tests you need to evaulate you and your partner’s fertility as well as a Couple’s Guide to Fertility information booklet.



This Fertility Kit is proudly endorsed by MedFem Fertility Clinic and contains tests can be taken in the comfort & privacy of your own home:

  • 1 x Saliva Ovulation Microscope
  • 2 x home Sperm Count Male Fertility Tests
  • 4 x home Pregnancy Tests
  • includes free shipping
  • and a Couples Guide to Fertility Booklet with:
    • Health Info from the Experts at MedFem Fertility Clinic
    • Quiz & Tips to Better Your Knowledge
    • 10 Foods that can Help you get Pregnant
    • Super Foods that can Increase Sperm Count


Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope is an easy-to-use, reusable mini-microscope that helps you identify your most fertile days and the ideal time to conceive.

Maybe Mom® for Dad Home Sperm Count Testhelps you measure sperm concentration in the privacy of your home. Over 90% accurate and easy-to-use. Will help determine if the number of your sperm are at a level that would mean a pregnancy might be likely with intercourse when your partner is ovulating.


Knowing your fertile time is essential – click on the download tab for our free Fertility Tracking Chart to help you determine & record ovulation or purchase a printed version here


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Kit contains : 


Fertility Booklet contains : 

  • Health Info from the Experts at
    • Periods and Fertility in the Menstrual Cycle
    • What Happens During the Menstrual Cycle
    • What are Periods
    • What Happens During Ovulation?
    • When is Fertile Time?
    • Normal Vaginal Secretion
    • Female Assessment
    • Male Assessment
    • Stress Management Program

    Quiz & Tips to Better Your Knowledge…

    • Sperm Knowledge Quiz for Him
    • 10 Foods that can Help you get Pregnant
    • Super Foods that can Increase Sperm Count



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