3 Month Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Kit


This value pack offers the ovulation and pregnancy tests you need for 3 months/cycles in one convenient and affordable set. Give yourself the best chance of falling pregnant by tracking your ovulation signs & cycles with our quality printed Fertility Tracking Chart and tests. Fertility Supplements also now available.


Our Baby For You 3 month Ovulation kit offers the ovulation and pregnancy tests you need for 3 months / cycles. And all-in-one convenient & affordable set containing:

Conveniently contains 21 ovulation tests needed to help you get started tracking your cycle & most fertile times. As well as 4 pregnancy tests to help you test if you were successful.

Our kit is cost-effective with a discounted price for purchasing in bulk.

There should be enough tests for three cycles where 7 ovulation tests and one pregnancy test are used per cycle. As well as an extra pregnancy test included for when e.g. you might have tested too soon and need to repeat the test 2 or 3 days later, or you just want to confirm the result.

We have included free sample cups and disposable droppers where relevant.


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Click on the download tab  for our Fertility Tracking Chart to help you determine and record ovulation. Printed versions can be purchased here


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