Knowing your cycle can help tip the fertility scales in your favour and increase your chances of sporting a baby bump. Healthy young couples trying to conceive are usually told to only seek medical advice when they have been trying for twelve months. However many couples are keen to eliminate potential problems as soon as possible, and ovulation tests are an easy way to make sure that one part of the complex system is on track.

Saliva ovulation tests allow you to follow your cycle changes all month long. Knowing that ovulation is likely to take place allows you to plan ahead and be prepared to make the most of your fertile phase.

Timing is everything
ovulation spit test


How do these spit tests work?

In the days before an egg is about to be released, your estrogen levels start to rise which increases the salt content in your saliva. This increase can easily be seen using the Maybe MOM mini-microscope and appears as a fern or crystal pattern. The ferning pattern begins to appear around 3 to 5 days before ovulation and peaks around the time of ovulation – allowing you to predict your peak fertility. Sperm can live in our bodies for up to about 3 days. Therefore having intercourse 2-3 days before, a day before, as well as on day of ovulation increases your chances of conceiving.

Simple and convenient this discrete lipstick-sized tester helps you pinpoint your ovulation anytime, anywhere, and can be used at any time of the day. All you need to do is apply some saliva with a clean finger onto the tester,  let it dry for about 5 minutes, then simply view through the microscope.

  • During your non-fertile phase you will see a pattern of pebbles or dots.

  • During the transition phase you will see some fern patterns in amongst dots / pebbles

  • During ovulation the dried saliva crystallises and forms a distinctive “fern” leaf pattern

ovulation fern test



While ovulation usually occurs around day 14 of your cycle that’s not always the case.  Spit tests are ideal because you can test every day of the month if you want to. You buy it once, reuse it each month, no special maintenance required and it’s 100% natural with no chemicals. No need to pee on a stick and can be 98% accurate when used properly.


6 tips to help you get the most accurate reading from your Maybe Mom Saliva Ovulation tester:
  1. Test your saliva first thing in the morning
  2. Do not test right after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth – wait an hour or two
  3. Use saliva from under your tongue for best results
  4. Try to avoid making bubbles on the little tester
  5. Allow the sample to air dry at least five minutes before reading results
  6. Clean the lens after every use (with a clean soft cloth or lens cleaner)


Unless you have regular cycles and are sure of the days you ovulate we suggest testing every day so that you become familiar with your body’s cycles. Gaining a better understanding about how your body works and knowing when you are ovulating and which fertility tests you need could also be a big help.

Charting can help you to identify when you are ovulating. Charting records results of a range of ovulation testing methods. Aside from the saliva ovulation test the other main form of ovulation predictor tests / OPK are tests that measure the amount of LH ( luteinising hormone ) in your urine. LH peaks in the urine about 1-1.5 days before ovulation. Recording your Basal Body Temperature / BBT each morning will help confirm when ovulation has occurred. If you’re worried you’re not ovulating, or if you have other concerns please chat to your Doctor.

Please remember if you are trying to conceive that it is recommended that you take folic acid for at least 3 months before as well as during your pregnancy. Buy some here


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